9300 Series Barbecue Island Design

Charcoal was king in the beginning, but as we progressed through time charcoal gave way to the convenience of Liquid Propane (LP) and Natural Gas (NG).  As gas grills evolved in quality and performance, convenience and adaptability became the solution to outdoor grilling. The  most advanced grills on the market today have side burners, storage area’s, deep fryer’s, sear zone’s, rotisseries, and smoker boxes too. Today we have full outdoor kitchens that mimic our indoor kitchens and the Las Vegas Outdoor Kitchen is here to help you decide, design, buy, and manufacture your Outdoor Kitchen Design.

You Should Consider an Outdoor Kitchen and Social Area if:

6900 Series Barbecue Island Design

  • »You host small to large cookouts where your guests wind up huddled around you while you grill.
  • »You have a deck or area in your backyard that you want to utilize.
  • »You would like to cook elaborate dishes on the grill while entertaining your guests outdoors.
  • »Cooking indoors in the summertime increases the temperature in your home to much.
  • »You typically use your outdoor grill often and would like to streamline the cooking process.
  • »You have a pool or plan to build a pool.


Realizing Your Outdoor Kitchen & Planning for it:

Use these questions as framework  for deciding on what’s going to go into your outdoor kitchen area design.

  • »What type of cooking do I want to be able to do outside?
  • »What size group will I be entertaining?
  • »Will you be eating outdoors or cooking the food and returning indoors?
  • »If you will be eating outside, will your island include a social bar and or will you need other types of furniture like tables, chairs, couches, bar stools?
  • »What times of the year can you be ready to use this space?


Island Designs Idea’s For Your Outdoor Kitchen Area


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