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An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to equip your backyard for entertaining guests and feeding hungry friends and family. Just like an indoor kitchen, the most important features are the appliances. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when designing your outdoor kitchen is which barbecue grill to go with and which accessories and appliances you will include in your outdoor cooking area.

Outdoor kitchens can consist of areas with little more than a built-in barbecue grill to large, entirely equipped kitchens complete with one or more grills, side burners, sinks, beverage centers, access doors, drawers, refrigerators, sear zones, pizza ovens and more. The options are literally endless and is only limited by your budget. The Las Vegas Outdoor Kitchen is here to assist you in choosing the right accessories for you outdoor cooking environment.

Throughout this section we go on to talk about some of the best manufacturers of Barbecue Grills and Accessories in the industry. Our intentions are to arm you with the knowledge you need to make an intelligent buy.Every type of outdoor kitchen accessory we talk about in this section can be purchased at our physical showroom known as Nevada Outdoor Living. Our Showroom is located in Henderson, NV. If you don’t live in Nevada and would like to purchase Barbecue Grills and Accessories online, you can do so by visiting the BBQ Online Showroom. The BBQ Online Showroom is our international eCommerce department. Each brand we mention also has it’s own page where you can view information about the complete line of products.


Barbecue Grills

Lynx 42 Inch Professional GrillWarm weather is always just around the corner here in Las Vegas, so let’s just embrace it. With summer comes the heat waves, the glorious scent of sunscreen, fresh-cut grass, citronella, and grills lit up all around the neighborhood. Oh yeah, charred meat!

If you’re taking the Las Vegas Outdoor Kitchen’s advice, you’re working with us on designing a beautiful Outdoor Kitchen area. Right about now you’re thinking about your options in Grills and Accessories. The Barbecue Grill is by far the most important appliance of your outdoor kitchen area and there are a number of options to consider when purchasing.


LP, NG, Charcoal or Pellets. That is the Question

When it comes to fuel for your Barbecue Grill you have a few different options such as: Liquid Propane (LP), Natural Gas (NG), Charcoal or even the popular choice of electric smoker. Standard Smokers use a combination of electricity and wood pellets as it’s fuel source. The favored fuel type for outdoor kitchens tends to be Natural Gas though. Check out our selection

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